Friday, September 29, 2006

Good ways to make links popularity gain back traffic

For more traffic back to your site and also gain back quality links you need to do some steps and this seem the fist step every webmster doing
Link Exchanges

Link exchanges if done properly can also help your website to top the charts for your keywords in the search engines. The idea here is not to exchange links with every website that you find but what really important is to exchange links with only high quality and related sites. Don't link to anyone just because he links to you, only exchange links if his website is related to yours and also provides quality stuff. But since our aim is to rank high in the search engines so I would advice you to try to exchange links with a website having a minimum PR 4.

But also don't say no to anyone just because his PR is 0 do exchange links if his site is related and is quality because a PR 0 of now can mean a PR 6 tomorrow. Always prefer a text link when exchanging links because search engines cant index dynamic ones and always try to use your most important keywords (that you want to rank for) in the anchor text of the links.

Directory Submission
What could be the best way to get free one way and quality links except getting listed in directories. Dont stay limited to Yahoo and Dmoz only there are hundreds of other quality free and paid directories that can give you a great link popularity if you get listed there. A list of such free and paid directories can be found at Free Directory Submission Links and Paid Directory Submission Links page.

However there are many automated tools that can submit your website to the directories but these tool are not recommended by me because these automated submission tools are not liked by the directories. So it is recommended that you use manual submission, but if you don't have this much time to submit to each directory by yourself then just hire someone to do this for you.

thanks for Akash Kumar's article