Thursday, September 28, 2006

The checklist for SEO, How to be top goole PR tips,

Here is a little detailed i have colect and with my experiment that know how to break down of Google's most important ranking factors. Some of these may or may not be actual ranking factors and some may not be significant.

1) Content

a- Keyword in Title Tag
b- Keyword in regular text
c- Keyword toward top section of the page
d- Keyword in Heading Tags H1, H2, H3
e- Keyword in links
f- Keyword in image file names
g- Keywor in Meta Tags
h- Keyword in Alt Tags
i- Keyword in comments

2) Links
a- Total number of incoming links
b- Links from high PR sites or authorative sites
c- On-topic Links
d- Having Keywords in the anchor text of incoming links
f- Having keywords in internal links within the site and menues
g- Age of the incoming links (Currently links less than 3-6 months old, may not even get counted)
h- One-way links may get more credit than 2-way or recprical Links
i - Links coming from pages with less outgoing links are better. Links coming from pages with over 100 links are no good.

3) Factors that may count against you
a- Too much keyword repetition
b- Hidden content via text same color as background or CSS or other such methods
c- Javascript Redirects or certain other redirects
d- Cross linking bunch of sites to eac other in the same network
e- Doorway pages. Pages that are specifically written for search engines and cannot be found by your site visitors via your normal navifation menues.
f- PPC (Porn/Pills/Casino) : Adult, Pharmacy and Casino related content
g- Duplicate content : watch out for those duplicate filters. Make sure your site doesn't have content from other sites or no one else has copied you.
h- Age of your domain. Brand new or less than 6-month old domains may be in the Google Sandbox
i- Participating in Link Farms or services that try to artificially increase your links by doing shortcuts
j- Cloaking : Showing a page to search engines different than what the users see based on their IP address

4) Factors that won't count against you, but are problems
a- Dynamic content, such as shopping cart based content may not get indexed
b- Primarily Graphic or Flash based websites
c- Javascript content and/or menus (navigation)[/b]

In addtion check out the Google Webmaster Guidlines: