Friday, September 29, 2006

Best technical to built quality links to your site

Now link popularity is the biggest concern for all of us who have a web business and want to succeed, everyone is curious to get lots of one way and authority links because we all know that link popularity is the single most important factor that affects rankings in the search engines.
A site with good link popularity will always stay at the top of a site with less link popularity, however some other factors like Title tags, Description tags etc are still in the search engine's algorithm but they are only minor ones in front of link popularity.

Link building is a tough job and it becomes even tougher if we don't know from where to start and how to start. If you are really not panic about spending hundreds of dollars for building quality links then you can hire firms for doing this job for you but what if you are a small firm and cant invest this much for only getting a few links. Then following are some tips for you on how to and from where to get quality links:

Article Writing

Article writing is one of the best ways to generate lots of quality links. What you have to do is just to write some quality articles and have to distribute them online with your bio at the bottom containing a link to your site. This way you would not only get quality links but you will also get lots of traffic from people who would read those articles. So make sure to write as much quality articles as you can because quality sells, but if you don't want to write the articles by yourself then just hire a copywriter with a good track record for this.

Good copywriters can give you some real quality articles that may boost up your sales and they also distribute your articles online making sure you get maximum exposure. That's why this technique is favored by most of the webmasters.

Posting In Forums

Posting in forums is an another effective way to generate lots of quality links. This technique is sometimes highly profitable for ranking high in Google. Many times you will find that some websites belonging to the "most-highly-competitive" industries (such as domain registration, web hosting or seo industry) have achieved top rankings via the help of links from messageboards and general public forums.

So the idea is to find some high quality forums or message boards related to your industry and try to keep posting there. So whenever you post in forums you can post your links in the signature which can help your website to top rank in the search engines.