Friday, September 29, 2006

4 Tips to kick your Rank in top Search engine - must read

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Whether you are a large corporate or a small one, if you need to rank high in a search engine you need to work hard on link building. Link popularity is the single most important factor that can effect your rankings in a search engine.

But always remember that quality is not in quantity. For generating quality links you should be loaded with tons of creative ideas and helpful tools to make your link building campaign easier. If you are one of those dude's who think that getting your site listed in thousands of FFA sites will boost your rankings, then beware they can't do you any good but can do a lot of harm.

So, you would ask that how can I build quality links then, here are some quick tips for quality link building which I personally use for boosting up my link popularity for my website.

1. Emphasize Text Because Content Is King!

The first step in a link building process is to have a good website loaded with tons of quality content and high quality services if your site lacks in quality content then make it one and if you want, take the help of an experienced copywriter with a good track record.

For a successful link generation campaign a rich content is a must for any website, without that you can suffer collecting links. Why? Because people want a reason to link to you, if you not have content why would someone like to you.

2. If You Want To Earn Something Stay Ready To Give Something

This is true. If you want to gain something you will have to invest something (not your money) give your visitors a solid reason to link to you, give some thing as a reward to the people who are willing to link to you. As an example -

Suppose that your website sells PHP, ASP, and other scripts then just give some free scripts as a reward to the people who are willing to link to you.

Or, if you sell other services then just give your customers a discount for linking to your website in exchange.

3. Article Writing As a Link Building Strategy

Article writing is the most easiest and effective way of link building, because if you emphasize on article writing you don't have to ask someone to link to you, people themselves will link to you if your article is to the point an well written.

Just write a good article related to your website's topic and just submit it to some article submission site's like: Goarticles, Ezinearticles and etc (always remember to include a link into your byline in your articles).

This way each time your article gets published on a site you get a link back to your site, a great thing about this is that you DON'T have to link anyone.

4. Link Exchange

Link exchange is an another effective way to generate quality links to your site, but the biggest evil of link exchange is that it is a HUGE time consuming process.

If you primarily emphasize on link exchange for generating links to your site then you're making an extra effort. But if you want to learn tips on successful link exchange then the following tips are for you:

Create a html page, preferably named as "Resources/Links/Partners" to see an example visit our resources page ( and place a link of this page from Index Page of your site. This page should never be more than 1 click away from the index page of your site, else webmasters won't be interested in participating in the reciprocal link exchange program.

Always exchange links with websites which have high PageRank (PR) (at least 3-4, the more the better!) (both Index Page as well as Resources/Links Page of the Link Partner's site should have PRs of >=4)
Always prefer a text link in comparison to a banner link, where your chance of Google spiders, i.e. Googlebot finding the potential keywords is limited only to the "alt tag" of the banner.

Also, Google pays importance to the text of the incoming link/anchor text (i.e. the incoming link text must contain high potential, relevant keywords), so develop a link text with title ("which includes your important keywords") which will help you in Google Ranking.

Don't link to anyone because he is linking to you, ONLY provide a link back to someone if he's site is related to yours and it offers valuable content to your visitors and DON'T reject to link a site only because it has a very low PR because today's PR 0 = tomorrows PR 6 (do link them if they offer useful content).
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